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Mister Everything

Posted Thursday, October 30, 2008, at 7:53 AM

I think all the holidays get covered with this card's picture
A good friend of mine received our birthday card to him the other day and made the comment that he wondered how we always remembered as he had a hard time remembering it himself. Though I didn't answer his question, I'll tell you... I have a social advisor and her name is Margie (my wife). She keeps track of that kind of stuff that I have no clue about, and she knows our future plans long before I do for some reason. I'd be in BIG trouble for forgetting important dates throughout the year if it wasn't for her organizational skills.

It's almost Halloween, and I've been surprised how many folks around here decorate for the occasion. When we lived in the city, you would see a few houses dressed up with a pumpkin out front with only the occasional place set up with ghosts, pumpkins, bats, webs, and all the other stuff of this "dark" holiday. Cambridge at night really surprised me when I discovered that many folks go whole hog with the decorations including full blown lighted displays.

My little Margie is real good about sending family and friends greeting cards at Halloween with the trappings of the holiday on them. She also does it for all the other holidays as well, and when I discovered the pictured idea above, I recommended that we switch to a once a year card to save money on cards and postage. That went over like a lead balloon as you can probably imagine.

Still, if your a single guy or gal, or married for that matter and don't do a real good job of staying touch with friends and family, you might try sending "Mister Everything" to help you stay out of hot water. Not only will it save you money in cards and postage, but those that receive it can enjoy it year around if they follow it's recommendation.

High school football playoffs are getting started...GO TROJANS!

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