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Posted Monday, September 29, 2008, at 8:08 AM

From Brian's dictionary... Losters - Term used to describe football fans favorite teams when they lose. They are not losers, they're losters.

This was a tough weekend for this football fan. It started Friday night when the Cambridge Trojans ended their perfect winning streak, continued Saturday night when the Cornhuskers couldn't salvage a win, and Sunday wrapped it all up with the Denver Broncos going down in defeat to what was arguably the worst team in the NFL.

Something about calling any of these teams losers just doesn't seem right. It is true that they lost, but not one of them gave up. Losers give up, losters don't.

Though the weekend was filled with losters for me, things worked out just great around the farm anyway. Margie's dad and brother came out from Colorado territory and we all but wrapped up the barns repairs. My fear of climbing the tall aluminum ladder to finish up the high painting was for naught as Gary and Tom don't mind that ladder for some reason and finished it for me... whew! Thanks guys!

We've now got a barn door on a new track and the darn thing slides open and closed! Most of the painting associated with the door is done, but I'll be putting up a bit of siding, squeezing some caulking into the cracks, and finish painting. This is one project I'm looking forward to wrapping up as it's been going on for what is beginning to feel like forever.

This warm September weather is spoiling me. I know it's just a few more days/weeks until I'll be lighting the carbon furnace (wood stove), starting indoor projects, and watching football on cold fall days. Only thing is, it somehow seems to be more fun when the weekend isn't filled with losters.

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