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Call Of The Wild

Posted Friday, September 19, 2008, at 6:22 AM

Since we moved to the farm we've heard a wide range of animal sounds that have bewildered us and still do. Margie is especially interested in what animal makes what sound, and has spend quite a bit of time trying to find sound bits of the animals we "expect" to be around here on the internet. Problem is the recorded sound bit doesn't sound one bit like what is outside our windows now and then.

I suppose some of this is my fault. We were camping in the Pacific northwest a few years ago and I heard something. Now I can't say what I heard as we were camped near a small hydroelectric plant and dam, but at first I'd say it sounded like someone a short distance away speaking in a language that I never heard before. I never gave it another thought, but the sound was there the next night too. Still, I kinda figured that it has something to do with the power plant...and maybe it did, or not.

We were at a privately operated public campground and I wanted to find out more about the camping area, so I did an internet search on the campground name and up pops the result... "BFRO Report 12997: Possible vocalizations at Kulshan Campground" which is the name of the place we were camped. Vocalizations? What is that? So off I go to the BFRO (Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization) web site where I learned that somebody else had reported what sounded like the same phenomena I heard. Unfortunately, on both occasions of the sounds I heard, Margie was asleep and she has always accused me of not waking her just so I could have the Bigfoot experience all to myself.

Now I don't really believe that I heard Bigfoot, but I have no idea what I heard either. What brings this to mind is there is something outside our place that kinda whistles. Now I have no idea what it is and neither does Margie, but we at least have both heard it. She has spend quite a bit of time listening to animal sounds but nothing comes close to what we've heard.

With that in mind, I wish I would have gone with Margie to drop off a banana bread at our neighbors last night as I imagine it was quite a hoot! I have no idea what brought up the conversation, but my darling wife told me she tried to duplicate the sound made by the unknown "beast" in the back yard. Now if you had heard the sound made, and Margie's rendition, you would quickly understand that from her attempts nobody would EVER figure out what was outside... there is just no comparison. I'm quite sure the neighbors now feel that they have confirmed that their neighbors on the hill are really nuts after all, and will start hiding the cows whenever they see us around.

Maybe it's a relative of Bigfoot along Medicine Creek or maybe it's a coyote with asthma. Whatever it is, don't ask Margie to duplicate the call of the wild trying to determine what it is... that is unless you want a good chuckle.

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Brian, my name is Mitch and I am the investigator for the BFRO in Nebraska. If you don't mind, I would like to talk to you about your experiences with the noises you heard in your yard and those in the North West. Please send an email to contact@bfro.net and ask for Mitch from Nebraska. Thank you.

-- Posted by SuperGeek on Tue, Dec 2, 2008, at 1:17 PM

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