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Bug Of The Week

Posted Tuesday, August 19, 2008, at 8:04 AM

So far, the bug of the week is a black wasp like flying insect that is tough to kill even with the infliction of numerous crushing rolled up newspaper blows. I've found that several swats are usually not enough, and the sole of my shoe is often required. These are the toughest bugs I've ever run into which is not to say that I have a lot of experience, just that I've swatted my share.

This is just the latest of a long line of bugs that decided to visit the farm, and it seems like we have a different predominate visitor from week to week. When we lived in the city, our most frequent invaders seemed to be ants and we had no trouble dispatching them, not the 'roided up super bugs we've encountered in Nebraska.

First up in Spring we had flys, followed by (not necessarily in order) Box Elder bugs, crickets, bees, wasps, moths, mosquitoes, some very tiny black flying things, and a large assortment of beetles and spiders. I'm glad we've got a few predators around to help thin out the menagerie as the barn swallows seem to be pretty excited at breakfast and supper time.

With Fall approaching faster than I figured, I've got some work to do around the place, and I hope to reduce the number of overwinter insects with some advance defensive work. Now all I need do is find the time to research what works, how to apply it, and when. At the rate I've been getting things done lately though, we'll be in for a repeat bug parade next Spring if I don't kick it into high gear real soon.

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