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Bad Odds

Posted Sunday, July 27, 2008, at 8:48 AM

I've heard the term "odds" used in association with probability statements numerous times. For example, we often hear about the odds of winning or loosing associated with gambling of all types. One description I found that makes about as much sense as anything... "Odds are an alternative way to express the likelihood that an event will occur". So good odds to me would mean that something is likely to occur, and bad odds? Well... you get the picture.

Blackie, our modified Jeep TJ (Wrangler) has a soft top. For those of you familiar with Jeep soft tops, you know that the canvas "door skins" with zippers don't last forever. Zippers it seems, just were not made to go around corners as they are asked to do on Jeep tops, and replacement of these door skins is necessary every couple of years or when the zippers fail. There are numerous manufacturers of replacement door skins as well as the Jeep dealers themselves, and I'll tell you that I cringe every time I have to dig for a couple of Franklins to keep the weather on Blackie's exterior.

We live in Nebraska, not exactly known for the number of Jeeps on the road, let alone soft top Jeeps, so what odds would you give for finding soft top Jeep door skins brand new at a garage sale in Cambridge? Don't forget to factor in that within the last 48 hours, a discussion had taken place about the need to get some new skins ordered before the old ones give out.

Bad very LONG odds is what I'd say! When we lived in the Denver area, a city well known for the number of Jeeps on the road, the odds of finding brand Jeep TJ door skins at a garage sale would be about the same as winning the lottery. So of course the Cambridge yard sales held yesterday yielded exactly the above mentioned door skins at an incredibly low price.

What are the odds of that happening? Pretty long I imagine, but just more proof to me that us city slickers are supposed to be here.

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