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Perfect Timing

Posted Friday, July 18, 2008, at 8:24 AM

I see that McCook got 4" of rain yesterday, and we got a little over an inch at our place north of Cambridge. Our farming neighbor spoke of needing rain just a couple days ago...he had just finished up his wheat harvest, and while at a local eatery we heard the same thing... "sure hope it rains, the corn is lookin' kinda stressed". One of the other patrons asked the farmer if his wheat harvest was completed...the reply was "yesterday".

So my thought is that farming is much about luck and timing. Reduced water allotments for irrigation weigh heavily on the minds of the locals and the weather is a conversation topic almost everywhere we go. If you love to gamble, being a farmer might fit right into your personality... no rain, no crop, no money, you're out.

Maybe the perfect timing luck of the farmers around me is rubbing off. In our war with the weeds, the light MAV - mechanized assault vehicle (riding mower) has become a casualty. When I last started my scheduled counterattack, one of two main hydraulic pumps that control vehicle movement completely failed leaving me with a quickly expanding enemy and little effective way to fight off the attack.

We contacted a local business about reinforcements and struck an agreement for an almost new MAV including the surrender of the 20 year old MAV. It was to be delivered into service last week, but one thing we've learned about some businesses in this area, you can count on getting exactly what you want...just not exactly when you may have understood it was to happen.

To be fair, I think the fellow we bought the mower from is one busy guy. Besides civic duties, he's also a repair guru and works on all types of equipment. I think he has to prioritize his work to be helpful to whoever needs his services the most at the moment, and though this concept was new to us coming from the city, we fully understand and accept it. Few city businesses perform a wide range of services like we've encountered in rural Nebraska.

Though a few days late, the new mower got delivered a day before the rain came giving me plenty of time to hack the heck out of the advancing enemy. To help pay for the equipment, our economic stimulus check is on the way just in the nick of time. Maybe some farmers perfect timing luck was left on the farm for us to use, or it's rubbed off on us from our neighbors, or just maybe we're just being taken care of by the Highest Power. I think that would explain "perfect" timing best.

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