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Field Dance

Posted Friday, June 27, 2008, at 7:34 AM

Most folks have at least heard of the Tennessee Waltz and The Charleston, but what about The Field Dance? I've observed the former on TV and in movies over the years, but I witnessed the later just the other day and it brings a whole new level of enjoyment to those uninformed watching it for the first time.

PETA Warning... The following describes graphic... aw you get the picture.

During my first ride on a tractor, my host suddenly stopped, threw open the door, leaped into action, and hit the ground running. At first I had no idea what was happening since I couldn't hear what he said on his way to his destination then I saw it...

My host had a dance date with a Kangaroo Rat.

The dance included the obviously skilled aim of the hat that intersected the rodents trajectory mid-air! The dance continued with a hoppin' and a stommpin' that would look good on any dance floor with the right music. Of course the dance ended for my host's partner in a rather final manner, but watching it sure was entertaining.

After the rat's demise, my host described the damage they cause and thus the reason for his dance date. He mentioned how he has been chasing the little buggers down for years, but it isn't as easy as it used to be.

Maybe he could use lighter dancing shoes? He mentioned that he had a similar dance with a rattlesnake recently... I bet the steps of the Snake Dance were a bit different than those I watched in the field!

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Oh yeh, very different. Thanks, I bettcha a bunch, like me, didn't know that was called 'dance.' But then, crop killers bring out the serious side of farming folk.

With the snakes, though, if I had to call it something, I would call it vertical base ball. the hoe, or spade = 'bat,' and snake = 'ball.' There is some footwork involved, but not near as jazzy as with the kangaroo rat. Boy can them guys hop and bop. Farmer usually only looses if wearing loose legged trousers. Hmmmmm!

Enjoyable. Arley

-- Posted by Navyblue on Fri, Jun 27, 2008, at 2:51 PM

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