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Migrant Farm Workers

Posted Sunday, June 15, 2008, at 8:26 AM

Margie on the right supervises migrant farm workers Don and Marge Saiser and my Mom
Migrant - A person that moves from one country or location to another

We seem to get quite a few visitors to the farm(stead), and since my mother is visiting from Washington state, a cousin and his wife from Lincoln decided to come visit for a couple days. Mom hasn't been back to Nebraska much since we moved to Colorado way back when. I know she enjoying seeing the area, as well as visiting with relatives she doesn't often see.

OK, so I'm stretching here calling my family migrant farm workers, but it sure got a chuckle out of them when I called them that as I was snapping the picture. Between Mom, Don, Melissa, Travis and the two Marge's, painting the old chicken coops barn red went really fast.

Now I'm not too sure how I managed it, but I escaped swinging a paint brush on both coops! I did get involved by stirring paint, providing brushes and paint buckets, and a couple small buildings that badly needed a fresh coat of paint. Once the painters decided to start, I had to complete some "deferred maintenance" as I like to call repair projects now around the farm before the painters got to that side of the building, and I did the bucket and brush cleanup after work was done. All in all, it was an easy job as far as I was concerned!

So I just want to say thanks again to our migrant farm workers for helping accomplish some work that the farms owners were not all that crazy about doing in the first place. It would have gotten done without your help eventually, but likely not this year.

Notes from the weed war zone...

With drier weather, the enemy seems to be withering under the constant pressure of the light assault vehicles (riding mower) scheduled attacks. Manual and motorized personal attack devices (weed whacker and dandelion digger) have done an outstanding job holding back advancing troops as well. Chemical warfare munitions (Roundup) have been expended on attacking troops in the gravel drive with mixed results.

I fear the next rain will invigorate the enemy and bring on renewed attacks.

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