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Posted Tuesday, June 10, 2008, at 7:26 AM

When I was a kid, I recall trying to dig my way to China. My first experience with digging a deep hole taught me the dirt keeps going and going and going...

This spring when I turned on the water to our yard water hydrants, one of them leaked, and when a hose was added to the hydrant, I quickly discovered that the riser pipe for the frost less hydrant had frozen and had split with the resulting fountain that shot out a good 10 feet. Now I like fountains as much as the next guy, just not here!

So off to Lord's in Indianola to procure a new hydrant for replacement. I quickly located the needed parts as I'd noticed them in the plumbing area the last time I was in that department. Now these things come in various lengths and the one we needed was 8 feet long. Thank goodness for fold down rear seats in the Fusion. One of Lord's staff held the door open for me and as I passed he excitedly says "OH...digging!".

OH... how right he was! I thought of my childhood as I followed the bad pipe down with my shovel. How deep is a 6 foot hole big enough to replace one of these broken devices? Maybe to some of you, it's not big at all, but hand digging that hole big enough for me to climb into safely made it seem like I should have arrived in China by the time it was done. The first digging just discovered that I needed a bigger hole. The hole expanded and still needed to be larger.

A back hoe would have made short work of this project, but I guess I prefer doing things the hard way. The weather was accommodating, and I put a treated post next to the hydrant to hold my rain gage and a hose hanger.

Danny Glover in the movie Lethal Weapon said several times "I'm too old for this S#!t", and sometimes I wonder about our ability too with the projects we're taking on around the place now and then. We'll just keep plodding along, but I sure hope I don't need to try and dig to China again anytime soon.

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