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Good Neighbors & Trusting Business

Posted Monday, June 9, 2008, at 8:38 AM

We've got great neighbors. Yesterday one of them showed up with his tractor and the biggest box spreader I've seen and made short work of a fair sized pile of gravel we had yet to spread. Our original plan was to use a wheelbarrow and move the pile slowly but surely, but Mike offered to do the job when he got a chance, and yesterday was the day.

This isn't the first neighbor to come to our assistance without being asked either. Another farming neighbor was over and leveled some rough spots that required heavy equipment. To both of these fine folks, all I can say is thanks, and if there is anything I can ever do to help out, I'm available.

We also had a new experience with one of the local car dealers. I had been into Faw Motors here in Cambridge inquiring about trading in our Jeep for a used pickup several weeks ago. They didn't have what I wanted at that time, but I got a letter in the mail with information about a truck, so down to the store I went. It turned out that the pickup was in Arapahoe, but Matt said he'd get the truck in Cambridge in a day or two and give me a call.

To my surprise, the next day a guy shows up and drops the truck off and says "Go ahead and test it out. Bring it back when you're ready in a few days". Well, to shorten the story a bit, we test drove it, and returned it the next day. The truck was fine, I'm just going to try and do better by selling the Jeep to an enthusiast that understands the value of the modifications for extreme off road use. I've never had a business drop off a vehicle for a test drive, let alone let me keep it overnight and longer if I wanted.

Notes from the weed war zone...

Weather is playing an important role helping the enemy. Large amounts of precipitation and warm temperatures have helped spur enemy attacks. The battlefield continues to pose problems too. The mechanized assault vehicle (riding mower) has been damaged by previously hidden foreign objects.

Reserve troops have arrived, but are available for only a limited time. My mother seems to love to dig dandelions, but she will be returning to Washington state in a couple weeks.

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