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Missed Out

Posted Monday, June 2, 2008, at 7:31 AM

We've been out of town for a spell, and after reading Betsy's blog about the sky opening up, it seems that we've missed out on some excitement in the area. Our rain gage had only 3" of water in it, but the post it's secured to is leaning over at a 45 degree angle as the ground around the post is more like thick gravey than solid ground we discovered.

I mentioned yesterday that a problem area of broken concrete and manure piles on the farm had been smoothed out for us, so last evening we drove over to our farming neighbors to thank them. The very first thing out of his mouth was "you can't leave the state anymore". We soon heard about the over 7 inches of rain that fell here, as well as some individual reports of nearly a foot not far north of us.

Water flooded low areas along Medicine Creek, and the heavy rain has washed quite a bit of freshly planted corn into a wasteland of muck silt mud. I asked about what benefits his farm got from the rain, and he said it saved 40 acres of wheat, but at the cost of 300 acres of corn.

One of his neighbors seems to have dumped a lot of trash into a canyon, and over 100 tires washed onto a field including personal trash. The last time we were out of town, the excitement was a terra handler sliding off a berm into the creek that got the attention of paramedics and tested the vehicle recovery skills of those involved for several days.

Fortunately, serious injury was avoided with the terra handler, and my neighbors farm didn't completely wash away.Hearing about the difficulties brought about by the recent round of heavy rain and tornado's in the area reminds me that missing out isn't all that bad sometimes.

Notes from the weed war zone...

We've completed the counter attack and have recovered lost ground. Now that we know our enemy will never surrender, we've decided to stay the course by attacking routinely with the light assault vehicle (riding mower), selective chemical attacks (Roundup and Weed-B-Gone), and yesterday we brought the personal attack unit (gas weed whacker) into the battle for the first time.

Even though logistics procured sufficient ammunition for the personal attack unit, the speed of expenditure is alarming and additional supplies are needed for long term operations to continue. One other vintage design weapon has volunteered for duty and has already seen limited action. The manual enemy attack device (hand scythe) has been on patrol around the barn and has chopped down a substantial number of enemy troops. This weapon is a pain in the back to be used effectively unfortunatly, and it's continued use will likely be limited.

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