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Green Grass, High Tides, And Flatness

Posted Sunday, June 1, 2008, at 4:39 AM

We've been on a road trip the last couple weeks to pick pick up my mother and bring her to the farm for the first time. Mom is getting up there a bit in years, but she is a real trooper when it comes to travel. We put in some long days in the car and she hung in there better than I did I think.

As we pulled into the drive, the first thing I noticed was the yard was out of control. The green grass could only mean that we'd had rain while we were out of town, and attacking with the light assault vehicle (riding mower) was going to be a very high priority. Even though I had mowed very close before we left, two weeks away combined with over 3 inches of rain here made for some quick growing.

As soon as I got out of the car, I could see high tide ripples. High tide water marks are visible in the lawn in several locations where water had to be running fast. It's obvious too that the wind had been howling around as the door to a shed was blown off it's hinges, as well as some other obvious wind caused "changes" around the place.Other than needing a mowing, the place appears to have survived the severe weather in the area.

After opening up the house, I headed for the light assault vehicle and was greeted by the sight of a smoothed out field that when we left had numerous depressions and a couple large piles of dirt and broken concrete. My farming neighbor obviously was by and hauled off the broken concrete and leveled the area! What was a real problem area as far as I was concerned is now as nice and flat as can be. What a guy!

Notes from the weed war zone...

A treaty was forged with the enemy two weeks ago and a cease of hostilities went into effect. Unfortunately, the green devil's have broken the agreement, and the war is back on. Assault began, but only after clearing the battlefield of tree limbs blown down and probably strategically placed by the enemy.

During the cease fire, I believe the enemy sabotaged the light assault vehicle as the battery was dead, and even after jump starting, the battery will not hold a charge. The assault to recover lost ground has started, but is not complete. The enemy has shown itself to be relentless.

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