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Some Assembly Required

Posted Wednesday, May 14, 2008, at 7:37 AM

I mentioned a few days ago that we bought furniture, what I didn't mention was that some of it requires assembly. Our new kitchen table and 6 chairs came in 5 flat boxes that the furniture store offered to assemble for $50. Heck... we can save 50 bucks by doing the job ourselves, so we rejected the "costly" offer for assembly.

First off, the furniture store didn't deliver the top of the kitchen table due to an oversight, so we were in no hurry to start assembling the chairs. However, when we returned from a quick trip to Denver, the table top had been delivered to the barn so it was time to get busy.

The table top was HEAVY, in an awkward sized box, and about 50 yards from the house. Once we got the unruly box inside, we started unpacking it and another box to get to the instructions and hardware necessary to make the table useful. The instructions came on multiple sheets of paper printed on both sides explaining with drawings and verbage intended to make the assembly go smoothly with the proper sequence of events to accomplish the goal.

Oh yes, when starting this "little" project, it's good to be goal oriented. Interchangeable parts are great, the the furniture manufacturer makes a quality product in my opinion too, but there are a lot of parts and fittings that had to go into assembly of the set that will make most people attempting it wonder if the $50 charge isn't well worth the money. So far, the table and table base and 4 of the 6 chairs are assembled and glued. It took the better part of yesterday to accomplish, and I'm not done yet.

Today I'll put the last 2 chairs together and be done with it. I'll tuck the experience away in the back corner of my mind as reference for the next time I buy a product with "some assembly required".

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Model airplanes are more fun to assemble, and you can play with them later. Ma Ma wont let you play with the table and chairs after they are assembled. But then, one cannot sit on a model airplane.

-- Posted by Navyblue on Wed, May 14, 2008, at 2:44 PM

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