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Good Day, Bad Day

Posted Wednesday, May 7, 2008, at 7:22 PM

First the bad... We started painting the living room and kitchen ceilings in the house and it's not going quite according to plan. The problem it seems is the textured coating that was sprayed on sometime in the past.

As soon as we started this project, we knew we were going to have problems. Applying paint to the textured coating with a roller ended up "pulling" the coating off in spots. OK... so if we're careful and not go over the same place twice with the roller, the stuff seemed to stay put. Well, kinda at least. At completion of the first coat of paint, we had about a dozen small areas where the coating had come off.

We came up with an idea to use a sponge and drywall compound to provide a close match to the sprayed coating. We allowed this to dry overnight and then painted a second coat of paint. Well, this worked pretty good except that we ended up with another 1/2 dozen places where the coating actually fell off the ceiling about an hour after we'd finished painting, but at least the drywall stuff did it's stuff. More work awaits.

The good... a regional furniture store advertised it's going out of business sale and we ordered new stuff that arrived today! I can't wait to sit down on our own furniture instead of camping chairs and other furniture that others didn't need or want anymore. As nice as it was to have the "hand me downs", they will get good future use in our basement family room.

Notes from the weed war zone... Our fragile peace continues. Our light attack vehicle (riding mower) has been up to the task of patrolling the area and knocking down the few stragglers that have not learned the zero tolerance policy in force around the farm(stead).

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