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Diplomatic Approach

Posted Thursday, April 17, 2008, at 8:50 AM

I'm beginning to feel almost settled in here at the farm(stead). We've got a good supply of firewood put up that will likely last us through next winter, we've gotten enough furniture that we don't feel like we're camping out in lawn chairs anymore, and we've gotten just about all the tall weeds around the place knocked down.

Since Spring has sprung and things are starting to grow around the place, I thought I'd try a diplomatic approach to the war of the weeds. By diplomatic I mean I tried talking to them. I've explained my position that I'm not sure what mower I will end up with, but make no mistake... motorized chopping will be involved. Biological, chemical, flame, and mechanized assault warfare is in their future if they continue their unrestricted expansion activities.

In the likely event that my enemy will pay no attention at all, I've begun a warfare buildup of my own. A small mechanized assault mower is being readied for battle in the barn, an old armored 0 turn mower should be delivered early next week ready for battle. Infantry diggers have been equipped and trained and have already been engaged in skirmish action with enemy forward probes. Research into the most effective chemical warfare agent is being conducted. Decisions about the long term war plan and needed attack weapons and support equipment will be decided as we gain experience with our adversary.

We're in this war for the long haul, and things are just starting to get interesting!

Got any suggestions? ... help!

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Thanks for the comments and suggestions. Bigsurmac, thanks especially for the detailed suggestion. HPH

-- Posted by Brian Hoag on Sun, Apr 20, 2008, at 6:30 AM

GEEZ -- A book already yet.

How about a title of


aka City Slicker

One drastic approach to getting rid of the weeds somewhat permanently.

Probably cheaper in the long run.

Hire a real farmer neighbor with equipment as large as he can effectively operate on the five-acre farmstead without knocking down buildings and trees.

Have him scrape, blade, dig the top six inches of soil (including most of the weed roots) and "windrow" it into large piles.

Apply pre-emergence herbicide before scraping, as the windrow is accumulating and on the finished windrow.


Apply an application of pre-emergence herbicides

Immediately work the bare ground into a decent seed bed, apply another round of pre-emergence herbicide. Let the entire area sit until the herbicide is gone and plant desirable grass seed, alfalfa, lespedezas, clovers or even lawn and turf grasses.

It is either something on this scale, or fight weeds non-stop for the next ten years.

This approach WILL REQUIRE hand labor digging out the top six inches around buildings and fences, trees and posts.

The option is to fight weeds every week and month in perpetuity, until you decide to do something drastic --

such as hiring a farmer neighbor to bring in the equipment, remove the top six inches of soil , etc.

Probably the neighbor whose land is surrounding the farmstead would be willing to work cheap in order to end your week incubator.

-- Posted by bigsurmac on Fri, Apr 18, 2008, at 5:00 AM

Fun to catch up on the blog--a few weeks behind. Lots of good stuff as usual. Curiously, reminds me of the book that made Provence, France famous "A Year in Provence"!! You've got your first season of writing almost done!:)

-- Posted by Andela Taylor on Thu, Apr 17, 2008, at 5:26 PM

We have the same problem here and the only thing i can say is it will continue to grow and grow and the only thing you can do is good old manual labor. Thats what we have to use and it pays off good. Trust me.

-- Posted by Outlawf150 on Thu, Apr 17, 2008, at 4:14 PM

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