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Nema Who?

Posted Sunday, April 6, 2008, at 9:57 AM

It's funny how you learn about things sometimes. Television and radio advertising is often designed to inform you about products designed to make your life better, and the best ads tell you how the product will solve your problems. A few years back, I recall hearing an ad for some type of pesticide used on corn. The announcer proclaimed "Nematodes, scourge of the corn world!" and went on to describe that their product would take care of the scourge. I didn't bother learning about Nematodes as I wasn't into corn production, and was more concerned with the traffic report on I-25.

Now I suppose you folks all know about Nematodes being farmers and such, but I don't. And I'd have to say that I hadn't thought about looking up information about them until today. And how I got to learning about the little critters sure jumps back to that radio ad because I remembered hearing their name.

So getting to the point... This morning I stumbled on a news release about a new film being shown at the Homestead National Monument in Beatrice. Hmmm... Might be a fun little trip I think so I decided to look up the monuments web site http://www.nps.gov/home/index.htm. From there I was poking around the site and found a page about prairie and grassland restoration. Thinking about our "farm" and my desire for some native grasses, I decided to see what information was available and there it was... a link stating "Nematodes of the Homestead NM Prairie".

I noticed a "more information" link at the bottom the page, and away I went to the University Of Nebraska web site with more information about Nematodes than I ever figured I'd find in one place. Like the fact that Nematodes are the most numerous multicellular animals on earth. They range in size from microscopic to 8 feet long, and over 20,000 types of them are known to exist. There's a lot more information about them if you're interested at http://nematode.unl.edu/wormgen.htm.

I'm sure glad whatever company advertised that Nematodes were the scourge of the corn world a few years back, or I probably wouldn't know anything at all about 'em today. It's amazing how things in our past can influence our interest today so easily.

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