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First Winter Survival

Posted Friday, March 21, 2008, at 9:26 AM

It's official now...we've spent our first winter in Nebraska. We moved the RV to the farm on December 18 and it's now officially Spring, so we found a way to survive. Actually, it wasn't nearly as bad as our worst case scenario thoughts envisioned when we bought the place.

Wrong idea #1 - We thought we'd be cold all winter. The truth of the matter is that this is the most comfortable we've been in in the winter months since we owned our home in Colorado. The wood stove cranked out the heat and kept the house well over 70 inside even on the coldest of days. We worked outside on cold days frequently, but we quickly learned to keep our back to the wind, wear a hoodie all the time, and even though the wind blows some here, it was worse in the desert to our way of thinking. One reason I'm sure is that the motor home, even though equipped with stabilizer jacks, would rock in a stiff breeze, and it's nice to not have the place feel like a tornado is about to pick you up whenever the wind blows.

Wrong idea #2 - We would miss traveling. Well...true and not true. We are starting to feel settled in at the farm now-a-days. At first, we felt a bit overwhelmed by the project we purchased, and thought maybe we should head south and start the project in the spring. We're glad we stayed and dived into the work. We feel like we've accomplished quite a bit outside the house, and now we're getting prepared to start some inside work as well. Working outside as much as we have has really helped keep our mind off traveling anyway, and with the price of fuel lately, it's nice to sit tight for a change.

Wrong idea #3 - I thought writing a blog about our experiences would be pretty easy and fun. It's been fun for the most part, but I've also learned that you can't please all the people all the time. Someone early on as part of their comment to one of my posts stated "It is better to remain silent and be suspected a fool, than to say what you think - and thereby remove all doubt". I've kinda stuck my neck out by blogging and recommend that if you are unwilling to take a little heat and constructive criticism now and then...don't blog!

The right idea - Buying the farm. I know it's not a real farm. It's just an old farm house and some outbuildings in a nice windbreak surrounded by a real farm, but buying and settling in southwestern Nebraska is one of the best things we've ever done. Our place has virtually all the qualities of the best camping sites we found with our RV. A nice view, trees, convenient water and dump, solitude, wildlife, a place the dog can run without being on a leash, convenient to town for supplies, quiet neighbors, and no length of stay regulations. If you wish to camp on public lands for extended periods of time, with very few exceptions, you must change campsites every couple weeks. Now that we've found the perfect camping location, it's nice to not have to leave it. The people we've met around here are great, and though we are newcomers to the area, we don't feel much like it after being here only 3 months.

So we survived winter with little trouble, spring has sprung, green stuff is popping out of the ground, and I still haven't gotten a mower. The weed war is about to shift into full battle mode, and I am so unarmed.

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