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Abe Invades

Posted Sunday, March 16, 2008, at 7:46 PM

Exact Replica Of Abraham Lincoln's Casket
Cambridge held it's first "Taste Of Cambridge" on Saturday, and from our prospective, it was a big success. There were food samples from local establishments, and clubs and organizations had booths so new area residents could find out about the available activities and services. There was lots of food and good conversation to be had, and we got to meet more of our neighbors and townfolk. We hope Cambridge will make this a yearly event. The food alone made it worth going!

Something we found a bit unusual and interesting to do Sunday was see a traveling exhibit of an exact replica of Abraham Lincoln's casket. The display was set up at the mortuary and seemed well attended to me. The casket is one of 3 traveling boxes created by the Batesville Casket Company, and gave us a very different glimpse of our nations past.

If I was Abe, I'd as soon had a plain pine box, and I expect he had little say in what they planted him in. The casket was very ornate with silver studding, handles, and other appointments, and I believe the decorations were fitting for the President. We also got a nice handout with historical information about Lincoln's last journey to his burial site at Springfield Illinois. What I didn't know was that a plot to steal Lincoln's body was foiled when the theives were caught RED HANDED stealing Abe from his tomb in Illinois.

Since the casket display was across the street from the town museum and it was open, we dropped in to look into the areas past. It only took us a couple minutes to determine that we would only be able to see a fraction of the displays closely as there are a lot of things to look at. Old pictures, native artifacts, early Nebraska home and farm items, firearms, wildlife mounts, and much more. If you like museums and have not been to ours, come on down and see some of the past. We've seen a lot of small town museums over the years, and this is one of the best in our opinion. And one last thing, according to our volunteer host, he doesnt' get paid unless you sign the guest log

We're just starting to reach into the community as we've spent most of our time working around the farm to start making it our place. We've volunteered to help out with a large charity event that gets pulled off this summer, are visiting local chuches, and starting to see many of the same faces around town. A few folks actually know our name now and it's really different for a city slicker to walk down the street and actually say "hi" to someone and know who they are. It just keeps getting better here in the heartland for us!

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