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Damage Path

Posted Sunday, March 9, 2008, at 10:25 AM

It amazes me the quick changes that occur temperature wise now and then. From 80 to 3 in 24 hours seems like a rather large drop in temperature that I'd just as soon not experience again this winter. I don't really mind winter I guess, but these warm days mixed in sure have me ready for Spring!

Margie's Dad and brother Gary dropped in to provide more needed assistance around the farm, but I got to thinking that I'm glad when they leave too. These guys work so hard, and the path of destruction left in their wake is so large, that it takes Margie and me a couple weeks to get most of the leftover waste moved and removed.

One area of the farm has been especially full of neglected trees and shrubs that hid partially buried wire, hog fence, steel fence posts, railroad ties, assorted crushed building pieces, chicken coops, rubber hose, propane tank, broken concrete, cans, and lot's more. It obviously was a heavily used area for farming operations! Gary and Dad have spent a lot of time helping, and the result is always bunch of stuff to cut to size to fit in the dumpster.

We're getting close to have the majority of what we plan on clearing around the farm complete. We've got a big brush pile to deal with, and perhaps I can find a wood chipper to rent somewhere in the area. If you know where I can rent one, please let me know!

We wrapped up their visit with a construction project! This is about the first time that any real improvements have been made around the farm. Our carport appeared to be in danger of collapse from some questionable construction materials and got some major repair work. We jacked up the roof, and replaced all the pole buildings support beams with new timber, and I'm certain the building will now outlive me.

We've got a lot to learn about summer maintenance around the place, and there is still a lot of vegetation clean up to do. We think we've got the majority of stuff removed that needed to go, though there is a tractor wheel and tire I've got to move, and some pipes and odd partially buried wire marked for removal once the ground thaws in those areas. I'm hoping I don't find too much more hidden treasure around the place.

So it appears we're turning a corner from major cleanup and demolition, to improving and major repairs. This is big for us! We've spent nearly 3 months working on this phase getting settled on the farm, and I'm glad it's behind us! The reason is simple too...I'm not sure how much longer Margie and I could have kept cleaning up the damage path of the human machines from Colorado. Thanks guys!

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For a wood chipper to rent, check with a business in McCook called: Common Sense nursery. Great picture of your mail box with the glass insulators in the prior blog.

-- Posted by NebraskaLand on Sun, Mar 9, 2008, at 10:52 PM

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