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The Antique Store

Posted Thursday, March 6, 2008, at 8:38 AM

The other day we decided to head to Arapahoe as I wanted to get a haircut, and we thought we'd check out the business district since we have not spent much time there yet. Unfortunately, we still have not explored the Arapahoe downtown area as we got sidetracked on the way.

On the way to Arapahoe, we passed through Holbrook and I decided we'd drive down main street and see what things of interest we might find. My "Special Delivery" blog post elicited a response about checking an antique store in Oberlin for class insulators, and suddenly a half block off Holbrook's main street was a very noticable white building with large red lettering proclaiming "Antiques", I thought of the blog, and decided to see if they had what I wanted.

The door was locked when we tried it, but someone soon appeared and we were quickly in a a place with so many things in it that I wonder how much of the stuff the owner really knows is there. Narrow isles with stuff packed to the ceiling in several rooms. We headed into a back building looking for glass insulators, but couldn't find them, and neither could our hostess. She commented that "he" would know where they were and off she went.

While she was off locating the gentleman that would know where the insulators were, we got a chance to look around. This place is begging for Ebay to unload merchandise on. Collectables of all kinds, some stuff I'd consider junk, but is probably worth a fortune to the right person, but no glass insulators...we thought.

A pleasant fellow comes out and says he's sure there are some in the back, and he has buckets of them in another building down the street if he can't find them. A couple minutes later he came back and asks if we'd seen the ones in back, so off we go again. We are either completely blind, or there was something stacked in front of the two 5 gallon buckets filled with clear and colored glass insulators. I asked how much, and for 5 bucks I could have 6, and he gave me his "if they get stolen, I'll replace 'em free" guarantee.

We visited a bit about the local economy and off we went to Arapahoe. We'd spent a lot more time in Holbrook than expected, the barber shop was closed until 1PM, and I had an afternoon appointment so we returned to the farm. I've got the insulators for my mailbox project, and will be wrapping it up in the near future. Thanks to NebraskaLand for the idea of checking an antique store for glass insulators. I've got a lot to learn about finding things in the country!

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Hey "The City Slickers" glad you found the glass insulators for your mail box. Post a picture once you get them added.

-- Posted by NebraskaLand on Thu, Mar 6, 2008, at 9:54 PM

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