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The Barn - One Thing Leads To Another

Posted Tuesday, March 4, 2008, at 7:47 AM

The Farms Barm
Old McDonald had a farm, and like old Mcdonald's farm, we've got a barn. Problem is what to do with it. The poor old thing hasn't seen a paintbrush in a few years, farm operations have helped speed up wood deterioration, and the building just looks like a candidate for scheduled firefighter training and a match as it stands.

It would be pretty easy to give up on the barn, but it has it's good points. #1 - I like it. Even though it looks tough. #2 - I can recover and recycle much of the building materials needed around the farm to make repairs inexpensively. #3 - The roof has been metalized and the major building support and foundation is in fairly good condition.

My main reason for making the barn look like it won't fall down anytime soon relates to it's good point #1 above...I like it. It will provide dry storage for a lot of stuff, and be a pretty good workshop if all goes according to initial plan. It's like the ultimate Tough-Shed for city slickers.

In the city, a Tough-Shed is most often used to house a lawn mower and other garden tools, and our barn will be no different. Since we've gotten an upper hand in the weed war, we realize that it won't be long, and the little devils will be starting their own offensive attack. We'll need some heavy armor to fight back, and it will be nice to have a good storage location for a big mower and whatever other equipment we end up needing around the place.

It won't look new, but it won't look that bad. Having doors that work and the walls fixed and painted will sure help improve it's appearance. Now all I gotta do is figure out how I'm gonna get all the way to the top to paint it. I guess a ladder is needed...hmmm. I need a way to haul a ladder from the store to here...hmmm. I need a pickup.

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