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Scientific Discoveries

Posted Saturday, February 23, 2008, at 6:44 AM

Over the years, mankind has discovered, or at least explained some pretty cool stuff that we take for granted everyday. We deal with natural laws daily without giving most of them of second thought. Isaac Newton "discovered" gravity, and at at least explained what keeps us from flying off into space. He also came up with other laws of motion such as inertia and the lack of it, and though most of us don't think about these laws, we have little choice but to obey them.

Yesterday brought this to mind as the ACME Automated Snowthrower and his son came for a working visit and shifted into building demolition mode. You may recall that we learned that the farm at one time raised over 700 hogs, and we've got some old pole and corrugated metal structures that are in pretty poor shape. One of these structures was an old shed closed in on 3 sides about 7 feet tall and 10 foot square, and that's were I pointed the human "machines" as the next project begging for their attention.

I was in the house for maybe 20 minutes before I got out to see how the demo work was going, just in time to see most of Newton's laws of motion in full effect. Walking around the barn to the demo location found the roof collapsing, a wall buckling and the "machines" jumping out of the way. It was obvious that they were paying attention to Newton's laws!

Next was Gary swinging a sledge with "wreckless" abandon that had me quickly retreating as I know that every action has an equal and opposite reaction, and sometimes you get in the way of flying debris. Nails, tin, and wood scraps were flying everywhere! It didn't take long to flatten the old shed, but there was some more motion law to apply.

An object in motion, tends to stay in motion. I used the Jeep with the intent of bumping the sheds support poles to loosen them to pull out of the frozen ground. However, the posts were pretty well rotted off, and the mass of the Jeep was no match for the old poles as they gave up about 4 inches below ground level.

With all the nails that were used to hold the old shed together...I'm talking literally hundreds, I'll be soon getting some high tech devices based on the laws of magnetism and electromotive force to help with the cleanup. A metal detector and a big magnet tied to a stick for nail retrieval is in our future. Easy living thanks to science!

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