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It's The Network

Posted Saturday, February 16, 2008, at 7:09 AM

If you look for just about any type of executive or management employment in a city, unless you're networking, your chances of landing that great job you are trying for is severly reduced. So what does that mean really? Well, you need some influential people recommending you to get a leg up on the competition thus improving your odds of even getting an employment interview. Networking is a useful tool to help business folks weed through stacks of resume's they get for open positions, and probably the biggest factor in getting a job interview with many companies.

A new neighbor stopped by this afternoon, and we discovered that there is quite the information network here along Road 409. We've been waving at a yellow pickup that goes by a couple times a day whenever we're outside, but had no idea who we were waving at. Today he stopped in to introduce himself, and asked if we are thinking of selling our motor home. It seems that one of our neighbors (he said who, but we have not met them yet) mentioned that we might be selling as they had heard we were setting down roots in the area. We told him yes it's for sale but haven't advertised it at all. He plans on stopping by to talk about it in a few days, and maybe we'll get lucky and won't have to advertise.

I have a feeling that the rural network is much more powerful and widespread than most city dwellers would ever imagine. I just hope that it's not run like the cell phone industry and requires a two year contract to join. I'm thinking more along the line of a lifetime contract would make it most effective.

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