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Litter Patrol

Posted Wednesday, February 13, 2008, at 6:19 AM

It never ceases to amaze me that people toss their unwanted items out of their cars...let someone else take care of it is their idea of cleaning out the car (or garage in some cases) I guess. Within a mile of the farm, someone dumped a couch along a minimum maintenance road...much cheaper driving a few miles out of town than going to the dump right? Somebody else will take care of it right?

Littering and unlawful trash dumping is a huge problem just about everywhere, and though I have not seen anyone throwing their trash out along the US highway near us in Nebraska, I have seen people throw their cans and bottles out of their cars in front of our place. Adopt-A-Road programs are just about everywhere to help states keep roadsides cleaner without spending tax dollars doing what shouldn't have to be done in the first place.

Since we don't like to look at trash in the middle of the road or in the ditch, we pick it for them...so I guess the offenders are right...someone else will clean up after them. I suppose we should consider ourselves lucky that they toss their crap out near the house so we don't have so far to go to pick up after them.

This isn't a new problem by any stretch of the imagination. We camped along old Route 66 in Arizona last year and the rusty cans and bottles along the abandoned highway told a tale of hundreds, if not thousands of people adding to the unsightly collection of junk. In the old days, recycling wasn't available much I suppose, and roadside trash barrels hadn't become popular, so people being people, the stuff got tossed along the road.

Plastic bottles are one of worst offenders of this migration of a useful item to roadside trash. I wish these cheap containers would go away and be replace by aluminum containers. At least that way I could make some money off their trash by recycling. As it is, I end up discarding about 1/2 of the trash dumped along the road, and saving the relatively high priced aluminum for recycle. Fortunately, few glass bottles are dumped so we don't have broken glass to deal with much.

I suppose somebody has spent a bundle of tax dollars researching why people litter instead of taking a few extra seconds to discard their trash properly, but I'm pretty sure I could have saved them some money... A lot of people are just plain lazy and don't care a hoot about who has to follow them around.

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