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Time For Change

Posted Sunday, February 3, 2008, at 6:34 AM

We've been looking out the picture window of the farm at our motor home wondering just how much use we have for it. When we sold the house and moved into the RV, we wanted as much room as possible to make life as comfortable as possible. While we accomplished our goal of comfort, we made big changes in the type of "camping" we did compared to the way we did before we sold the house.

We used pop-up campers for years when we were homeowners as they could be pulled behind the Jeep easily. We dragged them to some pretty remote areas, and we didn't worry too much if they got dinged or scratched. The motor home however was our home, and though we were pretty adventurous and only got stuck once, we tended to take it pretty easy by our standards.

Now that we have a stick built home again, we don't have a need for the big RV, so we've decided to see about trading it in on something very different and better suited to our new lifestyle and location. We made a couple phone calls to local dealers to inquire about the possibility of using the RV as a trade in, and we had a very pleasant fellow show up this afternoon to take a look at Gozer.

We're on hold as he determines the value he is willing to place on it, but I have a feeling we'll come to an agreement in the next couple weeks. Will we miss Gozer? You bet! We really enjoyed RV camping and traveling, but we also know that the type of camping we prefer isn't easily found with a large motor home. Bottom line...we just don't belong in the motor home set again.

I know that a dealer is in business is make money and we wont be recovering as much of our "investment" as we'd like. Thing is, I had a bad experience selling a car in Denver years ago, and I don't want to go through the hassle of advertising again, as well as taking the chance of having the vehicle stolen (happened last time I tried to sell on my own in the city).

So unless somebody out there is looking for a big old Class A diesel pusher motorhome and makes me a deal I can't refuse, I think Gozer's short term future has just about been determined.

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-- Posted by akashfool01 on Wed, Nov 24, 2010, at 10:01 AM

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