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Settled In?

Posted Sunday, January 27, 2008, at 8:40 AM

My mother asked in a letter the other day if we were feeling settled in yet? The answer is no. Settled down might be a better term, but settled in implies something very different to me.

When we decided to settle down and buy the farm, that implied that we were shifting gears from a mobile lifestyle to staying primarily in one place. We now have a real address, a place to turn into a home, and we're in the unique situation of having our former home parked out front. I'm pretty sure my mother always felt that when we hit the road in our RV, that we were homeless. Not true! We were just houseless.

We're still living in two places...sort of. Our motor home still has some things in it that we don't have a place for in the house yet. As you may recall, we lived in the farms driveway for a couple weeks so we could clean up the place and then started moving inside, and just last night I discovered something I should have in the house but don't...my tennis shoes. They, along with other things just haven't made it inside yet mostly because we're not settled in yet.

You may ask why we just didn't stay in the motor home until the house was really ready to move into? RV full time living is great...in warm weather. When the temp starts getting cold, it's time to fly south (snow birds), or be prepared to be uncomfortable as it's just about impossible to get warm and comfy in an RV when the temperature drops much below 20. Poor planning on our part buying a place that needed a lot of work at just before the first day of Winter!

When we hit the road initially, we sold our house and everything in it. I kept quite a few hand and a few power tools, but for the most part, we sold everything. Problem now is every time I try and start a new project, I don't have the tool or tools needed to get the job done. Need to bore a hole for a bolt? Gotta get a set of big drill bits. I had no need for wood working tools in the RV but I do now! We're not in a position to go out and buy all new things all at once, so we pick and choose our projects and expenditures pretty carefully.

If we want to bring something into the house, we don't have a place for it except to pile it on the floor someplace. I need to build shelves, but I also will be tearing out walls and closets, so building is mostly counterproductive right now. Buying furniture doesn't make much sense to us yet because we don't have a good plan on what the room sizes will ultimately be. The outside property has been driving us crazy so we've directed most of our energy to cleaning up the place the last 3 weeks, and are finally beginning to see some progress. I'm between that rock and a hard place...I struggle a bit to get just about everything done, and I need everything to get anything done.

At the same time, WE LOVE IT HERE!

So after reflecting on what it means to be settled in, I'd say that once I have a closet rod up in our bedroom and the clothes out of the boxes on the floor, I'll probably begin feeling differently. Until then, we're unsettled in.

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