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Posted Saturday, January 26, 2008, at 8:44 AM

We've gotten to meet several of our farming neighbors, and I bet we've made quite the impression. To be honest, these are the first farm owners we've met outside family, and the first in Nebraska since I was a kid. I know for sure they're glad someone has moved in willing to tackle the cleanup, but upon reflecting on one of their comments, I'm wondering if we have substantially underestimated the cleanup needed...more on that later.

I'm sure we're the neighborhood amusement with our low tech approach to weed control around here so far, but I also think they feel it worked pretty good considering the possible dangers of taking power equipment into our former weed patch. We got to learn more of the farms history, and I'm now totally amazed at the goings on here in past years.

It seems there were often over 700 hogs around here, and the folks that worked this place didn't use much power equipment. There were fences and pens all over the place, much of which is been buried on our farming neighbors land near us. We learned that the windbreak was necessary as snow drifted over the livestock shelter making winter miserable work digging out. We touched on our common property line, and he asked if I thought we needed a pole set in the field to show where the property line is. I told him I hoped he wouldn't put up a pole...he can farm right up to the house almost if he wants.

My farming neighbor has quite the sense of humor too, and he had me and bro-in-law Gary belly laughing with a story about a burn pile fire in his past. We've gotten along well, but it was one of his comments during our visit in the pasture that makes me wonder what we may really have in front of us...

"Do you have a metal detector?"

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