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Less Than A Bargain?

Posted Friday, January 25, 2008, at 8:53 AM

A couple days ago, we took a road trip to Kearney. I can't believe how quickly any trip over 40 miles has now become a road trip to me. Anyway, Kearney was our destination as my brother in law Gary wanted to visit the Cabela's. We found the store with little effort, and braved the siff north wind to get inside.

We were greeted by a nice lady asking if we'd been in before, if we had a Cabela's card, and passed out a card with the stores latest special offers. Margie wanted to look in the "Bargain Cave" area of the store, so off we went leaving Gary in a cloud of dust...so to speak.

The bargain signs hanging from the ceiling proclaimed Margie had found her version of "the quest" for the day, and with so many things on the shelves to look at, you had to spend some time to see if there was something you might actually want. Being me, I headed to the selection of shoes and boots that were "bargains".

The first thing that caught my eye was a pair of what appeared to be used work boots with scuffed toe. Looking closely at the boots Vibram tread sole, it was obvious this was a pair of what appeared to be used boots somebody had swapped with a new pair and put back on the shelf. Whoever the culprit was, they took the time to remove the shoe laces with the price tag and place it in their old boots. Old boots with new laces still don't look new, and for sure not worth the $159 price tag to me!

Whoa... Not so fast! I've been amazed at fashion trends now and then, and I've seen clothing in stores that's being sold as new that sure looks like it should be a reject of the Thrift Store. OK, so call me old fashioned, but buying clothes with holes "worn" in the knees because it's a trendy thing to do doesn't make sense to me. I do however recognize that there is a market for such things, and the prices demanded for these items can be astonishing.

So what's my point? Today I'm pointless except to note that on our road trip to Kearney we observed the gas station next to the freeway charges $.29 a gallon more than a station a block down the street, people are building homes right next to the Platte River (I guess the river never floods at Kearney), there were 3000 German POW's housed near Atlanta during WWII, and a bargain isn't necessarily a bargain just because it says so.

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