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Wood Working

Posted Sunday, January 20, 2008, at 7:50 AM

Brother in law Gary made the trip from Denver this weekend with some furniture and an odd desire to do some wood working. Gary's type of wood working isn't the same as most people probably think of. You see, Gary wanted to see how much firewood he could load in his truck from our wilderness, and pile up near the house for the rest of the winter.

Margie's Dad was here last week with his chainsaw, and spent a couple days of constant cutting it seemed. The results of his labors were about 3 cords of dry wood, and a couple cords of stuff that needs to season for a year before it goes in the wood stove, and Gary's personal mission today was to load, move, and unload about 2 cords or so. To be fair, Margie hauled, loaded, and unloaded her share of firewood to help out too, and the farm today started to look just a little bit like somebody cares about it and it's not a mostly abandoned property anymore.

Ironically today, we got an email about some high tech terms that could be interchanged for dealing with firewood and a wood stove, and it gave me a chuckle so I figured I'd pass 'em along for those of us that use the old tech heating device and fuel source.

Logon - Adding fuel to the stove.

Logoff - Unloading the firewood from the truck.

Monitor - Keeping and eye on the stove.

Megahertz - Result of not being careful with the axe or chainsaw.

Floppy Disk - What you get from carrying too much firewood.

RAM - That thing used for splitting firewood.

The weather forecast is for COLD, and we couldn't be happier to have a big supply of wood to keep the farms house warm and toasty. Thanks Dad and Gary, your guys labor is sure helping make life a lot easier and comfortable for us, not to mention how much it's speeding up the cleanup process!

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