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One Month

Posted Friday, January 18, 2008, at 10:16 AM

Today it's been one month since we bought the farm. Since we made our original offer for the place and it was accepted, I've been ramblin' on about our transformation from city slickers to a rural country lifestyle some, complained about my pet peeve, and shared some experiences that I hope you enjoyed.

I spend quite a bit of time on the Internet, and read an interesting forum post someone made about people like me and Margie moving from the city to the country, and what at least one country native doesn't like about city slickers. It got me to thinking about my post yesterday about not answering email, so I thought I share the gist of the persons post and respond here.

The person writing about city folk moving to the country stated that we just love the beautiful scenery, wildlife, peace and quite and what have you, but we bring a mentality of change with us that isn't necessarily welcome. The person posting the comments spoke of newcomers wanting to change the landscape with more stores, restaurants, theaters and the other stuff of metropolitan areas. Comments about small acreage land parcels taking up the landscape with big houses was included, and the general feeling I got from the forum post was city folk...stay away!

Now I don't for one second think that our community leaders would admit that they don't want city folk coming to this region. I think most everybody knows change is inevitable, but the consequences of that change is what they fear. The publisher of the McCook Gazette commented on one of my posts that her fear was that my perspectives of the area would get out and "there goes the neighborhood" with an influx of newbies being the result.

Well...after thinking about my email post rant, I hope you don't think I want to change the landscape around here. The landscape and people are exactly why we're here in the first place. I guess my real point yesterday was more about reminding businesses to pay attention to what they claim to already do...not change it.

Yep, we're new in the area, and we want this area to succeed and stay economically healthy as much as anybody. We hope the things that make this area great don't change, and that people like us coming here feel the same as we do... we want to fit in, not try and change the landscape to fit us.

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