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Business Ads

Posted Thursday, January 17, 2008, at 6:53 AM

Advertising and business seem to go hand in hand. We're all flooded with advertising every day. TV, newspaper, radio, billboards, and you even get TV advertising at big city fuel stations now-a-days with their "pumpcasts".

TV stations know that people don't like ads much, and it's pretty obvious to any casual observer that TV commercials are often louder than the TV show you were just watching. If a business person wants to get their print ads noticed, pictures, loud colors, and full page ads are the norm. Ads are packed with information about products, prices, where the place is located (sometimes), and often a web site URI and email address.

To tell the truth, we've not noticed much difference between the ads in the city vs what we've seen in Nebraska. The advertising sales and design folks are going to school and learning about buyer metrics and using the tools that work best to attract our attention to the advertising they sell to Nebraska business. Yep...advertising techniques common to business are in full swing right in your communities, but some local advertisers are wasting all their money as far as I'm concerned.

A great example is an ad on the McCook Gazette's web site. One business advertises almost every day, and they include an email address in their color ad to contact them. Do you think they will respond? Not no, yes, I don't know, or I'll find out...just dead silence from their email address. Makes me wonder why they advertise it and are they even in business anymore? Now I touched on this before, but the issue is still here, so I can't help but bring it up again. If you advertise an email address...CHECK YOUR EMAIL!

I've contemplated calling the businesses that I've emailed to ask them why they don't check their email, but I already know the answer...they never get any email, are tired of checking it without any inbound mail, and figure that nobody cares...maybe the thinking is that an email address in the ad implys being tech savy and people should trust their "progressive" business. If you think I'll go to a business that snubbed my email think again. If you have an email address, you advertise it, I try and contact you via it, and you ignore it, I'll ignore your business...it's that simple. Ignoring your email is lousy business practice, and I equate it with not returning phone calls, and taken to the extreme, not answering the phone at all.

Economic development and outward migration are issues I've read about in this country quite a bit. But people like me and Margie are part of an inward migration, and we use email every day...if not 10 times a day. If my 89 year old mother can check her email every day, why doesn't a business that ADVERTISES their email address check theirs?

We seek information, and feel that email is a good way to get it without bothering someone on the phone, freeing up everyone to respond when convenient...not never as what our experience is starting to show. We use a cell phone instead of a land line, so calling for information can get expensive when we exceed our plan minutes, and my speech is poor and phone communications are difficult to make matters worse. Email is a requirement of life for us.

So business advertisers, we recommend you take your email address off your web sites and out of the newspaper ads you spend your hard won money on if you don't check your email every day. I'm probably not the norm yet, but as time goes by, I won't be the only person willing to drive 100 miles to avoid doing business with a company that doesn't respond to their email, even if that business is the most convenient or has the best price. It's no skin off my back, but it could mean some big bucks lost if I go to your competitor only because you didn't check your email.

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