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Big Rats!

Posted Wednesday, January 16, 2008, at 9:56 AM

A couple things caught my eye this morning as I was looking at a couple Internet information sources. First was a story about a billion dollar deal that has been hammered out in Oregon, that though not yet approved, may make some significant changes in environmental policy.

According to a Yahoo story attributed to Jeff Barnard, Associated Press writer - "The plan, announced Tuesday, followed two years of closed-door negotiations between farmers, Indian tribes, fishermen, conservation groups and government agencies battling over the fate of scarce water and fish protected by the Endangered Species Act."

I forgot to tell you what the plan is...remove dams on the Klamath River in Oregon to save Salmon. Now I find it unusual that something this big would need to be handled behind closed doors, but environmental issues are often handled that was as I believe that environmental groups don't want the general public knowing what they are really up to.

The other story that caught my eye was one of a giant rodent that lived 4 million years ago in South America swamps, and this 2000 pound "King of the Rats" is the largest ever found by a long shot. Imagine if you will what might have happened if the Endangered Species Act had been in effect 4 million or so year ago.

There might be some big rats!

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