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66 And Counting!

Posted Wednesday, January 9, 2008, at 10:39 PM

Happy Anniversary Mom.

Today is my parents 66th anniversary. I lost my Dad two years ago on Veterans Day, but I'm lucky my Mom's still alive and kicking it up in Washington state. She's a tough ole gal from Holt county Nebraska, Dad grew up a few miles away in Antelope county.

My folks had pretty different childhoods I believe. Dad grew up on a farm without electricity and little money for the family. Grandpa (Mom's Dad) worked for the US Post Office as a rural mail carrier and had a steady income.

My childhood, thanks to them, was pretty cool. Mom and Dad taught me the important stuff about life, protected me from harm as best they could (I admit it, I was an accident waiting to happen), instilled a special respect for nature and the outdoors, and exposed me to a wide range of travel destinations.

Road trips...We took 'em! Omaha was our starting point, and from there we went from the Canadian Rocky Mountains of British Columbia, to Disneyland, the Grand Canyon, and into Mexico. We had family reunions in Colorado, and saw the bears of Yellowstone. Our nations capitol was a great destination, and I think I blame my folks in part for my wanderlust over the last several years.

So Happy Anniversary Mom & Dad. Thanks for all the stuff you did for me and continue to do to this day. It's funny how the road of life picks you up and where it ends up dropping you. Mom and Dad got dropped off in Washington, I'm pretty sure Me and Margie just got dropped off in Nebraska.

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