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Sci-Fi On The Farm

Posted Wednesday, January 9, 2008, at 7:05 AM

We've got one. Something used seldom by a few, known of by most, and only fully understood by those unfortunates needing it's services for an extended period of time. What am I talking about? An inflatable air bed.

When we decided to buy the farm, we knew that our finances would be pretty tight for a while afterward, and with no furniture, we would have to make some concessions to comfort. So off to the local Wal-Mart for a queen size Coleman inflatable air bed complete with air pump. Our plan was to use it a couple months until our finances stabilized some from the farm's purchase.

Now unless you've slept on one of the these inflatable beds for a while, you won't ever fully appreciate a regular bed. Our first night on the air bed found us waking up in the center barely able to get out of the bed. I hadn't closed the air valve completely, and a slow leak was the cause. This went on to varying degrees for two or three nights with varying degrees of "togetherness" in the morning before stopping.

Now here is the creepy part. While sleeping, the fitted sheets popped off the air beds corners. Not only that, but when trying to pull them back down, they wouldn't stay. The bed had...grown! It started taking on the appearance of an overstuffed double meat hamburger with no fixings on it. What once was almost a perfect rectangle was shape-shifting us right on to the floor.

I was chatting online with my mother in Washington state about the farm and it's needs when the bed topic came up. Mom mentioned prices of beds in Washington, and I picked up the ad that had come in the Cambridge Clarion from Whitaker's in McCook. A whole page worth of bed mattress and box springs were on sale. I suppose I said something like "I hope I can still get a pretty good buy in March" when Mom says, buy a good one and I'll pay for it...you need a good bed around there.

So we decided to take her up on it and called Whitaker's on Saturday afternoon and ordered a new mattress and box springs sight unseen. The last time we bought a bed, we tried several out before buying, but unless you actually sleep on one, I don't think you ever really know if you will be happy or not. Our first night in the new bed was great! The second night was even better as we're getting used to the new comfort zone.

Now...the rest of the story. Since Whitaker's had told us they would deliver by noon (which they did by the way), we needed to move the air bed into another room to be used as visitor sleeping quarters until we get another guest bed. These things are pretty light and it was a snap to move it to another empty bedroom. After the new bed was delivered, set up, and delivery guys departed, we glanced in the spare bedroom only to see the air bed completely flat on the floor. I guess the sight of its replacement was more than it could bear.

Maybe I'll get a vinyl patch kit and find the hole someday...if the air bed doesn't eat me first.

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