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Rush Hour On The 409

Posted Tuesday, January 8, 2008, at 8:59 AM

When you have a satellite TV receiver in an RV, part of the service is getting both New York City, and Los Angeles broadcast TV stations. It was nice because we could watch Leno at 8:30PM when we were physically on the west coast by watching the NYC station, and it gave me a couple extra chances to catch the Denver Broncos during football season as the different coasts often showed different games.

Along with the big city TV stations came their respective morning and evening traffic reports. "Backup on the 405" and "The 101 is running slowly" are almost daily comments of the traffic announcers drivel.

The first time I heard this shortened slang for US and Interstate highways was the first day we had satellite TV in the RV. Denver at that time said "I-25 is slow from the mousetrap to I225", and still does as far as I know. They havent picked up the road number slang yet.

My 24 year old daughter on the other hand has picked up all kinds of highway slang for the Denver area, so todays blog is dedicated to her.

Cambridge Traffic Report

Early morning traffic is heavy, and slippery sections remain on the 409. Expect slowdowns and icy conditions from the 725 all the way through Medicine Creek bridge and on to Neosha. Heavy traffic can be encountered along Park and school zone slowdowns are in effect after the Christmas break...keep a close eye out for those little ones on these dark mornings! The 6 and 34 have normal volumn, but watch out for truck and trailer activity at the 47 interchange. Be sure to have your sunglasses for your easbound commute.

The above report was after seeing 4 cars and the school bus on road 409, and only a few more in town. I love it here!

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