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Hidden Treasure

Posted Sunday, January 6, 2008, at 9:10 AM

When I was a kid, I loved games involving finding things. Hide and seek, cops looking for robbers, cowboys looking for Indians, explorers looking for distant lands, and pirates digging treasure. We spent hours making up "treasure maps", devising plans to get the bad guys, and trying to figure how to get the Indians before they got us.

As an adult, I still love finding things. Here is an example. If you have never heard of geocaching, their web site states "The sport where you are the search engine". Basically, geocaching is hide and seek using a GPS receiver to find things other people have hidden. Cambridge has 7 of these hidden cache locations within 10 miles, and McCook shows 11. To find these hidden locations, check out http://geocaching.com. Geocaching is a worldwide family sport, it's free except for the GPS receiver cost and fuel to go looking (OK, so now it's starting to get expensive), and there are hundreds of thousands of hidden locations worldwide. We've "found" old mines, WWII training areas still visible, and a host of interesting places like old ghost towns and ancient Indian locations with ground art called intaglios.

Anyway, the farm is giving up some hidden treasure of it's own. Yesterday, the human dynamo (my father-in-law) headed into our "wilderness" with his chainsaw and discovered an old roll of galvanized steel hog wire. I won't have to buy 4 foot high fencing...ever. The barn's haymow has hundreds of board feet of hardwood flooring in it, and the old hog barn has a wood stove in great condition. There is an old farm wagon of some sort that had steel spoke wheels that I'll get separated from the ground once it thaws, and with weeds 8 foot tall on most of the property, who knows what else we'll find.

The human dynamo and his son have cut up a small fortune of firewood, and have barely scratched the surface. Since we haven't gotten the heat pump repaired yet, having more firewood than we can burn is saving us a kings ransom in electric heating costs by not needing the emergency electric furnace portion of the unit at all. We've not run our furnace for 2 full weeks now, and the house is almost too warm.

They say one mans trash is another mans...well you know, and the weather forecast is pretty good, so I think I'll go see if I can find some more hidden treasure around here.

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