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Laundry Day

Posted Saturday, January 5, 2008, at 9:02 AM

Most folks in these parts of the world have a washing machine. How do I know this? The nearest laundromat to Cambridge is in McCook and I'm sure if most folks didn't have a washing machine, there would be a laundromat closer.

When we first got our RV, we had a small combination washer/dryer in the unit. It didn't take long to determine that our lifestyle didn't go with on board laundry facilities as the water use drained a 1/2 tank of fresh water every load. Not good if you are camping away from a water source which we usually did. We yanked our motor home laundry in favor of storage space and that worked well visiting local laundromats...until we bought the farm.

Until we moved to Nebraska, I thought just about every small town had a laundry. That was our experience throughout most of the west. Of course not every wide spot was laundry equipped, but it was always easy to find one.

This has not been the case in Nebraska. We called the towns of Cambridge, Arapahoe, Bartley, and Indianola looking for a laundromat. Cambridge told us to try Arapahoe. Arapahoe said to go to Holdrege. Bartley and Indianola knew that the closest laundromat was in McCook, but then try and find it!

Somewhere along the line of multiple phone calls, someone told us of a laundry in McCook near the Mac's Drive-In and that's who got our business. There may be other laundry facilities in McCook, but we don't know of them, and few others seem to know either.

So we pack the Jeep to the roof with weeks of laundry and head west for the McCook suds and duds place...a 40 mile trip each way from the farm. Our directions stated "I don't remember if it's past or before the Mac's Drive-In, but it's on the right". Good enough directions 'cause we spotted the washers through the buildings windows, but never did notice a sign.

Once inside, the facilities were clean and all but one machine worked. We've been in places where all but one machine DIDN'T work. We took more than our fair share of machines, but it didn't matter as the place was nearly empty when we arrived, and before we knew it, we were packing the Jeep to retrace our route home.

Things will be different from now on when it comes to laundry. Margie's Dad showed up yesterday with a truck load of new washer and dryer for the farm. As much "fun" as going to the laundromat is, I won't miss it a bit!

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Brian - next time you're in the "Big City", stop into the Gazette and say hi. I love your blog. When we start complaining that our area doesn't have any big shopping malls, or diverse restaraunts, or exciting entertainment venues, it's nice to be reminded of other things we're lacking - long lines at government offices, traffic jams, rude people (ok, we do have a few of those - but they're outnumbered). I do worry that other "city slickers" will realize what a great way of life we have here because of your blog - and as the saying goes -- "There goes the neighborhood!"

Shary Skiles


McCook Gazette

-- Posted by Publisher on Sat, Jan 5, 2008, at 12:07 PM

Hi Shary!

Glad you enjoy the blog and I look forward to meeting you and the other folks at the Gazette! As far as rude people, I haven't met one yet.


-- Posted by Brian Hoag on Sun, Jan 6, 2008, at 8:58 AM

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