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City Council

Posted Wednesday, January 2, 2008, at 10:17 PM

Today was a first for us as we attended our very first Cambridge city council meeting. The agenda was posted on the towns web site, but the time conflicted with what was posted in the grocery store flier so we called city hall to verify the time and made it with time to spare.

We were greeted, and asked to print our names so the spelling would be reported correctly, and during the course of the meeting, we were even offered pizza. I gotta tell ya...if I was ever made to feel more welcome somewhere, I don't remember where it was.

Tonight's meeting was special with a state senator as well as representatives for two of the Republican River NRD's expressing their opinions and answering questions about some pretty important water issues. The meeting room was packed while the guests had their say, and as soon as the presentations were completed, just about everybody not officially connected to the town government exited.

I guess I don't blame people for skipping business meetings, or leaving as soon as they can. The business of running a town isn't the most exciting of meetings, but there was some subtle humor that even an outsider like me caught now and then, and the meeting adjourned sooner than I expected.

I haven't been in a situation to pledge allegiance to our flag in many years now, it doesn't happen in the city it seems. I can't express how refreshing it was to say it after the meeting was called to order tonight. Maybe some of the great patriotism found in the heartland can spread out more and help solve some of our nations problems. Sure hope so!

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