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Posted Tuesday, January 1, 2008, at 8:54 AM

Happy New Year Everyone!

Every year most folks make some New Years resolution that they hope to keep. There was a news bit last night about the subject with quitting smoking and losing weight near the top of the list. I'm no exception, though I feel my resolutions are more like targets than life changing activities.

Here are some of my resolutions for 2008 in no particular order...

No cigarettes for me this year. I quit a few years ago, so should be pretty easy.

Clean, repair, and paint the barn. This may be a job that extends beyond this year.

House bathrooms. This will be my biggie! What we have in the house for a bathroom gives me the creeps and changes are in order. We're pretty sure we'll be adding two bathrooms and removing one. Only problem is we have not had time to plan, so until we get organized...

Get organized. This is a little tougher than it sounds. Gozer was well laid out with ample storage compartments for everything we needed. In the house, we have no storage compartments and fewer kitchen cabinets than we had. Since we don't have a master plan yet, we don't want to buy stuff that isn't in the long term plan. We want to move everything from Gozer into the house, but we don't have a place to put stuff yet...waah!

Master plan. Failing to plan is planning to fail I've always heard, so a master plan will be evolved for the farm. Let's face it, plans are meant to be changed it seems, but having some idea where you want to end up and the steps to get there being planned in advance sure improves your chances of getting it right the first time.

Go to the stock car races.

Go to baseball games.

Go to the county fairs.

Meet my neighbors.

Build a business. I've got a pretty good start on an Internet Information business and hope to expand it greatly in the next couple years.

Clean up the windbreak.

Guess I better quit typing and get to work!

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