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Moving Day

Posted Friday, December 28, 2007, at 7:21 AM

We did it! We spent our first night in the farm house last night. It seems like more work than we at first thought, and less too. The scrubbing isn't finished yet, we've got our camping furniture inside to sit on, and a Coleman air bed for sleeping arrangements. Our refrigerator has food in it and is making ice, and some of the kitchen cabinets have food and cooking utensils.

It's going to take a while to feel totally comfortable here. The house was infested with mice, so the clean up has been never ending it seems. We're sure we got the little buggers, but as bad as it was, we may always wonder if we got them all. Every dark speck on the floor is subject to close inspection for the time being.

We've got cables running to and from the motor home with power to, and satellite signals back to the house. The TV is working, we bought a radio and microwave, and I even had time to fire up the chain saw for a half hour.

We had our first fire in the wood stove, ate our first supper inside, and generally are enjoying our new surroundings. We've nearly filled our dumpster and still have a week to go until our scheduled trash pickup, so it's a good thing we've got almost everything thrown out that really needed to go. I can wait to tackle the barn and it's old contents.

For the time being, we will live a double life...we've got to leave a bunch of stuff in the motor home because we have no place to put them in the house yet. We'll get furniture as time goes by and slowly get Gozer unloaded.

We're enjoying the friendly people and wildlife everywhere we go, and the more time we're here, the more positive we are we made the right decision on where to settle down.

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