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Old Mr. Boston

Posted Thursday, December 27, 2007, at 4:32 PM

During our journey into the farms past, we've come across mostly unusable things, but one item got me excited. An old book with brown tinged pages, cover has an art drawing of a man sporting muttonchop sideburns and top hat. The book is so dirty that it's difficult to read the books title, but a little rubbing reveals "Old Mr. Boston De Lux Official Bartender Guide Price $2".

Now I've seen Jay Leno plenty of times showing stuff people buy on EBay, so I start to get excited. Perhaps this is a rare copy of an out of print book that is highly prized by book collectors. I slowly open the cover of the dusty old manual and the first words are "Become a Magician - Learn 74 unique tricks to mystify and entertain..." Wow! Even if the book is worthless, I'll learn unique tricks!

After a very short Internet search for Old Mr. Boston, I discovered that my 1957 edition might would be worth as much as $9 if in perfect condition...which this isn't. Ah well, even if the book isn't worth much, I'll learn unique tricks like card, coin, and napkin magic guaranteed to mystify my friends.

Anybody want a free book?

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