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Presents Under The Tree

Posted Sunday, December 23, 2007, at 8:36 AM

I just got up and I'm tired already. You see, I just looked out Gozer's window at the farm house, and the level of work needed to get the place ready to move into is daunting. The more work we do around the farm, the less we feel we are getting done.

The house has been upgraded over the years with some very expensive and time consuming renovations. For example, the house was raised a couple feet and a new concrete floor and block wall foundation built creating a complete full basement which previous owners had finished quite nicely. Electrical and plumbing all were rearranged and upgraded. I think the fastest way to improve something in the old days was to cover up the old layer with something new. From the peel and stick tiles on top of carpet and hardwood flooring, to multiple layers of wallpaper, the previous residents decorating ideas clash with the current owners ideas, so we're gonna yank, pull, and pry our way through the past.

To the city slicker in me, the house isn't planned well at all. Margie had several relatives that lived on farms in Minnesota that she visited over the years, and she says it's a farm house designed for one thing...a place to eat and sleep so you could work outside all day. Either way, it's got to change to become our dream home. Walls will come down, doors will disappear, and windows appear when none have been before.

We bought 5 acres of work, play, or health spa depending on your point of view. We're into sweat equity, and we think we found just the place to invest it. We had a dumpster delivered and it's 1/2 full after only a few hours of cleaning, and we're just starting to clean out the ignored nooks and crannies and remove things others have left behind of no value. We're fortunate to have the time to renovate the way we want, and not have to work around trying to run a farm at the same time the house is being rebuilt. You see...I'm slow.

Brother Gary showed up late last night with a freshly cut Colorado Christmas tree for us complete with decorations, as well as a refrigerator. Refer was shipped on it's side from Colorado, so it's now standing up, and we hope a day or so of uprightness before plugging it in will find it still works. The price on it was right...free. Father in law's church got new appliances when they completed a big expansion project and was giving it away. Timing is everything sometimes! He also brought wrapped presents from the family, so even though the only furniture in the place is a couple camping chairs, it looks like Christmas.

We've got 3 vacuum cleaners (Brenda at McCook Abstract mentioned that if you have 3 of anything, you have a collection - this is one collection we don't want to start) of various types, and a carpet cleaner reserved for Monday afternoon. Since we don't have to return it until after Christmas, I suppose we'll take advantage of the extra free day use and really get the place cleaned up.

We knew exactly what we were getting into so no complaints, and we're sure glad the grass finally grew so we could get started!

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