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Ready Or Not

Posted Tuesday, December 18, 2007, at 7:44 PM

We've all heard the saying "the job isn't finished 'till the paperwork is done", and though buying the farm hasn't exactly been a job, the paperwork is finished, and we're officially Nebraska property owners!

If you happened to be walking around downtown McCook around 2PM and heard some fool scream Yahoo!... you guessed it, it was me. This is like a dream come true for me. Though the farm needs just about everything, we got time to git-er-done, and turning this little place on top of a hill into our dream home will certainly be a labor of love.

We're officially checked in at the post office, we've got Gozer backed up in front of the barn, I hooked up the power, and we're about to start a whole new adventure with the house and property. I've shoveled some snow, and put a couple Christmas bows on the house, and tomorrow we'll put a couple strings of lights out front.

My father in law, you may recall I mentioned Margie's work-a-holic father, is anxious to get started with his chain saw and helping in whatever way he can. I'm afraid the man is going to work me to death when he gets here, but we can use all the help we can get. My brother in law Gary is an arborist, and he and friends of his plan of working up some of the wood too.

We got to McCook early and had an opportunity to visit several downtown stores. The people inside all smiled, all the customers smiled, I heard "Merry Christmas" in every store I was in, and it was wonderful to us to see the lovely decorations store owners put up to make the season more festive. We even made it into Wal Mart, and though the parking lot looked full, people were courteous and friendly and it was just different than a big city store.

So all the T's got crossed and the I's dotted today so The City Slickers are here, ready or not.

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