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The Day Before The Day

Posted Monday, December 17, 2007, at 3:36 PM

Today is the day before we close on the farm. We've got the final figures and the money stuff is ready to go. We met with a nice fellow named Randy Bauer who's backing up Diane Hoffman during her family's loss for our final walk through of the farm, and I probably entertained him with our enthusiam for our prospective purchase.

We really didn't expect to see anything different, and didn't. I wish the snow would melt a bit quicker, but then it's mud, so maybe I'm better off and just don't know it yet. After our final visit of the farm before closing tomorrow, we decided to take a drive along Nebraska state highway 47 south to state 89. We turned west and really enjoyed the relaxing drive through Lebanon, Danbury, and Marion. We saw deer, raccoons, wild turkey, pheasant, and hawks. This area really has the wildlife!

Since I know how much needs to be done on the farm, I've been watching for hardware and lumber yards in the area, and Margie had noticed Lord's Hardware & Appliance as we had driven through Indianola in the past, so today we stopped to see what they had.

What a great old building with the tin ceiling so tall that 28' extension ladders stand straight up with plenty of room to spare. With such tall ceilings, the place has tall shelves and a rolling ladder to access whatever it is you need on the top shelf. I know, if I went in there looking for something very specific, I might not find it, but with such a huge selection of stuff, I think I'll find it hard not to visit repeatedly. There isn't a store like Lord's in Denver that I know of, most places specialize much more.

One thing caught my eye... I noticed in one of the back rooms several spring steel traps of various sizes, the largest I don't know what for, but I sure hope we don't ever want to trap whatever it IS designed to catch!

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