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Shovelin' Fools

Posted Sunday, December 16, 2007, at 11:04 AM

What a beautiful day once the clouds parted with the winter wonderland sparkling in the sunlight! We've been watching the weather forecast, and since we're to have clear skies and warmer temps, we want to get the snow off the drive into the farm some so we might have a relatively dry place to park Gozer after closing.

Power tools...every homeowners friend, come in all shapes and sizes of course, and I'm pretty sure a snow blower is one of those tools in our future. We only came with one snow shovel, so we took turns working the dumb end, and got the job mostly done in a couple hours. It wasn't a horrible job, and would have been so much easier if the power company hadn't been through ahead of the last snow to turn on the power, so that was packed down, and there seemed to be a pretty good layer of crusty snow just beneath the new snow surface that didn't help much either. We got a good chance to see which way the snow drifts around the place for the first time, and once we know for sure that the farm is ours, we'll at least get another shovel.

Cambridge's RV park hasn't been plowed, so we decided to make a few passes around the circle at least to pack the snow to make Gozer's escape a bit easier. We survived the cold last night, but I don't think it got down to the predicted +3 either. First time I looked at the thermometer this morning it was 12, so I guess it's a heat wave!

Final walk through inspection of the farm tomorrow, and closing on Tuesday...Come on grass...GROW! (see previous "Watching Grass Grow")

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