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Who's Place Is It Anyway?

Posted Saturday, December 15, 2007, at 7:18 AM

In my early days with the telephone company, I was a phone repairman working in the foothills west of Denver, and often our repair orders gave directions instead of a road address. You probably know the type... go up Turkey Creek about 3 miles to rock outcropping on the left. Take next road to the right and go... You get the idea. Without an actual road address, you had no other choice but to explain how to find a place.

Now being from the city, I've become accustomed to having an actual address to locate places, and I'm sure I can do that just about everywhere in Nebraska too, but yesterday we had our second experience with local directions, and since the occurrence was at the local power company office, I guess it must be "official".

The first time this came up was when we were getting a repair estimate for the farms heat pump. We gave the address to the place, but was asked who's place was it? We replied with the sellers name and that didn't fly, so we mentioned the name on a plate still inside the front door of the house as John Smith's (the names have been changed to protect the innocent). "Oh sure, I know that place well!" was his reply.

Yesterday's occurrence came out of the blue at us. We were filling out paperwork to get power turned on at the farm and after finishing it up, we were told we were in the old Smith place. That got us started, and we learned that one of the office gal's relatives (parents on one side, uncle on the other) owns the property around us, and the other lady in the office owns the place that was the father of the Smith's of "our" place.

It's pretty obvious that the locals have long memories for their neighbors. Not that it matters one bit, but I just wonder a little if the farm will ever really be our place, or if it will forever and always belong to the "Smith's"?

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