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Storm Watch

Posted Friday, December 14, 2007, at 8:33 AM

Once we committed to buying the farm, we first thought we'd move to the Cambridge town RV park since the sellers real estate agent Diane Hoffman got us permission from town officials, but our plans changed with some other things we needed to get through first. Now we're getting close to closing, and it's time to squeeze in our travel plans between storms.

Again we had a dry travel day, and pulled into the Cambridge town RV park about 6 PM. We discovered the power outlet was missing a "leg" at the first campsite we picked, so we moved a bit and are settled in. We got our satellite antenna up and watched a rather disgusting performance from the two time Super Bowl champion Denver Broncos, and caught up on some email.

Along the road we saw several pheasants, a few deer, and lots of raptors. We watched a steady increase in the snow levels along the road as we headed east too, and the town's RV park has about 4 inches of snow. With another another 2 to 5 inches forecast for this afternoon and tonight, we're glad to be here!

This is our first morning to wake up in Cambridge. On our previous visits here, we couldn't stay in the local motel because of their pet policy, so we stayed in McCook. This time we're greeted to partly cloudy skies, that obscured the sunrise, but reveal a winter wonderland around us. The blanket of snow is quite the change from snow you see in Denver most of the time. Denver's snow is a light gray within a few hours of falling from pollution and dust kicked up by the traffic on sanded streets.

Casey, our Golden Retriever is looking out the window having a conniption watching several rabbits play outside, and so far, our move to Nebraska is everything we could hope for.

One last note, I love the picture on the McCook Gazette web site of the "McCook - Nebraska's Hot Spot" sign with the icicles hanging...brrr.

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