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Gary Luck

Posted Wednesday, December 12, 2007, at 9:42 AM

My brother-in-law is a great guy, he just comes up on the short end of the stick more than his share it seems. He's likes to call it Gary Luck. Most of us would equate Gary Luck with bad luck, but I'm usually one of those people that don't believe in luck and that things happen for a reason. Get a speeding ticket? Duh...you were speeding, it has nothing to do with luck for example. Gary seems to have some bad things happen at the worst of all possible times though, hence the term Gary Luck may be appropriate now and then.

Those of you following along know we live in our motor home, and we've got quite a cold spell right now. Temperatures dipped to +6 night before last, and we got some plain old bad luck. Our furnace blower motor seized with little more than a short howl notice, and our plumbing ceased operating too...frozen pipes will do that.

We were lucky as this occurred just before dawn, so things didn't get a chance to freeze solid, and the day itself warmed into the upper 30's quickly enough that no damage was done to the plumbing.

For us, the furnace failure came at a great time! If this had happened while staying in the Cambridge town park, I think I'd have more difficultly finding parts, and could have ended up with quite a mess on our hands if we couldn't get them immediately.

So either it's just a matter of coincidence or plain old luck that the furnace died when it did. At least it wasn't Gary Luck and happened at something other than the worst of all possible times.

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