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Watching Grass Grow

Posted Saturday, December 8, 2007, at 8:09 AM

Waiting for our closing date to arrive seems like watching grass grow. To make matters worse, the weekend weather forecast for Denver is for temperatures to dip to single digits and snow. We notice that Cambridge is forecast for a low of 4 this weekend.

If you've never spent time in an RV when the temperature dips well below freezing, you don't know about the fun of winter RV living. Just trying to keep warm and the RVs water lines and tanks from freezing is a constant challenge. We're fortunate that our motor home has a "heated basement". What that means is that some of the warm furnace air is directed around the tanks to help keep them from freezing and this works just great until the temp gets to 20, then you really have to take extra measures to keep thawed.

We keep our fresh water tank quite full and that helps, and we'll put a light bulb near tanks, as well as turn up the heat a couple times during the night to really warm up the "basement" to help the light bulb do it's job. We have a vent less propane heater we use too as RVs are not exactly designed for such cold. The furnace would run constantly if we didn't have some form of adjunct heater.

Since the farm house isn't quite livable yet, we'll continue to live in the RV once we get there for a short time, so we'll be looking for straw bales to help keep the cold from underneath our rig. At least on the farm, we'll have good power instead of the 15 amp circuit we're hooked to now. A 50 amp plug would work with electric space heaters, but we don't have access to one here.

We have a long list of things we'll need after we close on the farm, and we can't do anything about it. Maybe I should say we're reluctant to start picking up things in case our farm purchase falls through at the last minute. We need a house size vacuum cleaner, but if the farm deal fell through, where in the world would we store something like that? Same for power tools I'll need, ladders, and a host of other stuff.

We've thought about heading south and returning as necessary for my dental work, but I've got appointments frequently depending on how fast the dental lab gets their work done, and with the price of diesel, using Gozer as a commuter vehicle really isn't practical.

So we're pretty much stuck watching the grass grow for a few more days, and watching this time of year, it's particularly slow growing.

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