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The Deere That Got Away

Posted Thursday, November 29, 2007, at 7:41 PM

Today was exciting for us because it was inspection day! Heating systems, electrical, plumbing, and structural inspections were all completed, and we were able to follow the inspectors as they checked out the farm for stuff that we might overlook.

Now these guys have some specialized tools that make what they do about impossible unless you have the tools, and even though I thought I'd seen most ladders, I saw a really cool telescoping model today that sure caught my eye.

We got into town a bit early so we decided to tramp around the farm again as we had a couple hours to kill before meeting our inspectors. Upon pulling into the farm's drive, something looked "different". Couldn't quite put my finger on it to start with, but after walking around a bit, I could tell that some big equipment had pulled into the spot where I had left "my" Deere.

Danged if the Deere wasn't gone...I'd had thoughts about that old Deere with the tree growing through the seat. It was propped up on blocks, one wheel off, one tire gone, and the wheel that was off was totally rusted through. My very first blog post has a picture of the Deere.

Yep, I had dreams of restoring the old Deere as I really enjoy mechanics, but I know that until the day that we take possession of the farm, anything out there that isn't fixed in place isn't mine. Now I admit that I wondered how I would move the Deere myself in the condition it was in, but it appears someone with equipment moving experience cut the tree down through the seat, and dragged the old Deere to a new resting place.

Note to tractor owner...yout tractor forgot it's wheel, but thanks for getting the Deere off the farm. Maybe in the long run, you did me a big favor.

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-- Posted by Brian Hoag on Thu, Nov 29, 2007, at 7:40 PM

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